Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl

Tournament Rules 2020-21
NOTE: These are temporary rules for the 2020-21 season only.

All matches will be played online on a conference platform such as Zoom or Google Meets.

To allow for differences in internet speed, there will be no buzzing. Instead teams will be presented alternating questions on the same subject area (for example, if the first question is on American history, the second team will also immediately receive an American history question).

Each team gets first control of 20 of the 40 overall questions in each match. Questions missed by one team can be stolen by the other team.

Conferring is allowed on all questions but must be held within the game platform, either in voice or the public text chat. Off-site communication by text message or other methods of typed chat (including private messages within the game platform) is not permitted.

All answers must be given by the team captain preceded by the word ANSWER to indicate that is the team's official answer.

Answers must be given within a short period of time, typically six seconds but additional time will be allowed for computational math questions. All timing decisions are at the discretion of the match reader.

Players may use paper and calculators but looking up answers is strictly prohibited. Teams caught violating this rule risk forfeiture of the match and possible disqualification from the tournament.

Questions will be presented in a serpentine order (Team A, Team B, Team B, Team A, etc.) to prevent one team from always having to play from behind.

The Game Format (3 rounds)

Round 1: Easier Tossups
Eight pairs of questions (16 total). Value: 10 points apiece

Round 2: Progressive questions
Questions are presented in three progressively easier stages. The team in control may pass or answer at the end of each section. An incorrect answer cedes control to the other team, which may also pass for easier clues if the first team's wrong answer came on the first or second clue.
Four pairs of questions (8 total). Value: 20 points on the first clue, 15 on second or 10 on third.

Round 3: Harder Tossups
Eight pairs of questions (16 total). Value: 15 points apiece

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