Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl

Exhibition Match

ESSEX JUCTION, Vt. -- Five Vermont schools traveled to Essex High School on October 19th, 2000 to participate in Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl exhibition matches as part of the Vermont-NEA's teachers' convention.

Each team played three or four games with defending state champion Burlington and host Essex each going 3-0. Rice and Colchester both picked up a single victory and provided the highlight of the day in their head-to-head match when Colchester captain Richard West's last second answer gave his team a thrilling 160-150 win. Montpelier also participated in the day's festivities.

Match Results

Winner Score Opponent Score
Burlington 315 Colchester 155
Essex 255 Rice 105
Burlington 255 Montpelier 115
Colchester 160 Rice 150
Essex 235 Montpelier 85
Burlington 445 Rice 145
Essex 225 Colchester 130
Rice 285 Montpelier 200

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