Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl

Upcoming Matches

The 2017-18 Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl will begin with regional play in October or November. Check back in September for the schedule.

Our Other Tournaments

Sue Pasco Opening Tournament
WHEN: September 23, 2017. WHERE: Essex High School
FEE: Free to Scholars' Bowl members. $10/team for other schools. QUESTIONS: NAQT IS-165A
WHAT: Our traditional kickoff tournament, held alongside our league coaches' meeting.

Great Halloween States Tournament
WHEN: October 28th, 2017. WHERE: Hanover High School
WHAT: Vermont vs New Hampshire in a holiday-themed competition that also features all-star and coaches games and a costume contest.

Pre-Holiday Academic Tournament
WHEN: December 1, 2017. WHERE: TBA
FEE: $25/team for Scholars' Bowl members. $35/team for other schools. QUESTIONS: NAQT IS-171A
WHAT: New England's largest tournament, typically feature 60 or more teams from Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Masschasetts.

Vermont NAQT Championship
WHEN: March 9, 2018. WHERE: TBA
FEE: $25/team. QUESTIONS: NAQT IS-174
WHAT: The NAQT-format state championship.

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