Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl

Tournament rules 2009-10
(Updated January 2010)

Each two-team match has three parts: toss-up and bonus questions, rapid-fire questions, and more toss-up questions. Teams may change players only between rounds.

Part one: Toss-ups and Bonus.

Part two: Rapid Fire

Part three: Toss-up Questions

Teams may not ask for questions to be re-read by the moderator.

Any discrepancies in student answers must be made prior to the next question being read. The judge will act accordingly, conferring with the moderator and coaches and stopping the clock, if necessary. The ruling of the judge is final.

SuperRegional Format

Playoff Format

All teams that participate in the SuperRegionals qualify for the playoffs. Each school may only have one team in the playoffs.

First date

Second date

Playoff score tie-breaker: Any ties at the end of a playoff match will be decided through a five toss-up mini-round, with the team answering the most number of correct answers the winner (each question counts as one point). If the teams are still tied, another five questions will be asked, and this will repeat until an outright winner is decided. There are no penalties for incorrect answers.

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