Vermont-NEA Scholars' Bowl

2011-2012 Results

State Tournament


Winner Score Opponent Score
Hanover 525 South Burlington 250
Winner Score Opponent Score
Hanover 410 Champlain Valley 285
South Burlington 505 Middlebury 285
Winner Score Opponent Score
Hanover 525 Mt. Mansfield 95
Middlebury 410 Burlington 230
Champlain Valley 310 Essex 290
Medlar Cup final
Winner Score Opponent Score
Essex 320 Mt. Mansfield 255
Medlar Cup semifinals
Winner Score Opponent Score
Essex 445 St. Johnsbury 270
Mt. Mansfield 330 Mt. Abraham 265
Medlar Cup quarterfinals
Winner Score Opponent Score
Mt. Mansfield 290 Mount St. Joseph 190
Mt. Abraham 295 Spaulding 260
St. Johnsbury 345 Rice 135
Essex 505 Burr and Burton 95
First date
Held Feb. 4 at Montpelier High School
All teams played five matches
Advancing to semifinals (5-0): South Burlington
Advancing to quarterfinals (all 4-1): Burlington, Champlain Valley, Hanover, Middlebury
Advancing to Medlar Cup (all 3-2): Burr and Burton, Essex, Mt. Abraham, Mt. Mansfield, Mount St. Joseph, Rice, Spaulding, St. Johnsbury
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Super Regional Play

Green Mountain
Held Oct. 24 at Montpelier High School
Six teams from Champlain Valley, Lamoille, Missisquoi, Montpelier and Spaulding participated.
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Held Nov. 4 at Essex High School
22 teams from Burlington, Essex, Lamoille, Missisquoi, Mt. Abraham, Mt. Mansfield, Rice, South Burlington and Winooski participated.
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Northeast Kingdom
Held Nov. 5 at St. Johnsbury Academy
Hanover, Lyndon, North Country and St. Johnsbury participated.
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Franklin County
Held Nov. 14 at BFA-St. Albans
12 teams from BFA-Fairfax, BFA-St. Albans, Burlington, Enosburg, Missisquoi and Richford participated.
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Southern Vermont
Held Nov. 15 at Burr and Burton Academy
Three teams from Mount St. Joseph and Burr and Burton participated.
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Connecticut Valley
Held Nov. 20 at Hanover High School
10 teams from Fair Haven, Hanover, North Country, St. Johnsbury, Thetford and Woodstock participated.
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Dec. 9 at Champlain Valley Union High School
34 teams from BFA-St. Albans, Burlington, Champlain Valley, Essex, Fair Haven, Lamoille, Middlebury, Missisquoi, Mt. Abraham, Montpelier, Mt. Mansfield, Rice and South Burlington participated.
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Other Tournaments

Sue Pasco Opening Tournament
Held September 24, 2011 at Essex High School, Essex Junction, Vt.
South Burlington won the title in a 23-team field, with Hanover finishing second.
Overall results.

ACF Fall Northeast Regional
Held November 5, 2011 at Yale University, New Haven, Conn.
Hanover went 5-6 against college teams from around the region.
Prelim results. Playoff results.

Harvard Fall Tournament
Held November 12, 2011 at Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
Hanover finished 14th among an elite national field of 34 teams.
Prelim results. Playoff results.

Quest for the Nest Academic Tournament
Held November 12, 2011 at Lyndon State College, Lyndon Center, Vt.
Five Vermont teams from Fair Haven, Hanover and Montpelier participated.
Overall results.

Pre-Holiday Academic Tournament
Held December 2, 2011 at South Burlington High School, South Burlington, Vt.
Hanover won the title in a 52-team field, with Middlebury finishing second.
Overall results.

Vermont NAQT Championship
Held February 10, 2012 at Spaulding High School, Barre, Vt.
South Burlington won the title in a 24-team field, with Hanover finishing second.
Overall results.

Open Academic Tournament at Hanover
Held February 18, 2012 at Hanover High School, Hanover, N.H.
Four Vermont teams from Hanover and Montpelier participated.
Overall results.

MIT Beaver Academic Tournament
Held February 25, 2012 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
Six Vermont teams participated and Hanover won the title.
Overall results.

EO Smith Invitational III
Held February 25, 2012 at E.O. Smith High School, Storrs, Conn.
Hanover went undefeated and won the title in a 14-team field..
Overall results.

NAQT National Championship Tournament
Held May 26-27, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Atlanta, Ga.
Hanover went 8-5 and finished in a tie for 33rd out of 240 teams.
Overall results.

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